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What is the role of the ejection system of the injection mold

The demoulding system is the most basic part of our process of using injection molds. So what is the role of the mold release process? The mold factory can be used according to the function of the demoulding system. Any normal release mechanism is It is possible to truly remove the product from one side of the template and to match the parts that are clamped during discharge to ensure normal operation does not interfere with other mold parts.
Ejection mechanism: In order to make the mechanism simple and easy to process, a dome is generally used. Top tube ejection mechanism: the bottom cylinder part is a general top tube product, which is stable and reliable in operation. When it is ejected, it contacts the surrounding products, so that the product is not easily deformed, and there is no obvious mold release mark.
Push plate ejection mechanism: often used for rectangles. Round deep groove wall thin wall products and undercut or round groove cores. Inclined top and swing rod release mechanism: The product of the concave or convex edge is stripped, the structure is simple, and the processing is complicated. The top of the inclined top should be lower than 0.05 mm 0.1 core end face, and the core piece of the product is pulled at the bottom. The bevel of the slider should be chosen between 5 and 10 degrees.
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