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What is the impact of the number of times the injection mold is tested

1, The injection mold design has not undergone sufficient collective review, and the injection mold structure is unreasonable, so that the injection mold has to be improved several times after the test, so that the cost of the injection mold exceeds the budget.
If after several improvements, you can get it. It is fortunate. There are many cases that are unsatisfactory. Even if the injection mold is to be scrapped and reworked, the cost cannot be controlled. There are also some cases where the injection mold design is very good, but the processing of the injection mold is not in place, which makes the number of trial molds increase without any reason, directly increasing the cost of the injection mold. There is no objection to this problem, so many injection mold manufacturers have increased their investment in measuring equipment.
2, There is no selection of the molding process and the model of the injection molding machine during the test. It is obvious that the injection mold is very good, but the injection molded product is not ideal. The number of trials is increased without any reason, which directly increases the cost of the injection mold. This is a common problem in some small injection mold factories.
3, the physical properties of plastics are not fully understood, and even the shrinkage rate is not accurate, such a situation has occurred from time to time. Therefore, before designing the injection mold, it is necessary to understand the physical properties of the plastic, in order to effectively reduce the number of trials.
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